It will have happened to you at least once in your life to buy a beautiful plant, bring it home, and helplessly witness its weakening and the fall of all its flowers. You will surely have wondered why this happens and what to do to avoid it.

The plants we buy in nurseries or supermarkets undergo a harsh temperature change once they are brought home. Changes in light exposure, the nutrients they receive, temperature and humidity levels can stress plants to the point that they prevent flowering.

Below we list 4 effective tricks to make plants flourish all year round , making them healthier, stronger and beautiful to look at.

First trick: tea bags

If you have a habit of drinking tea, never throw away used tea bags. They are excellent allies for fertilizing the land of our seedlings, especially roses.

Remember to remove flowers that are already dry, so that they can make room for new flowers and continue their process.

Second trick: cinnamon

Get two cinnamon sticks, then prepare a herbal tea by cooking them for a few minutes in water. Let it cool then spray directly onto the soil.

Alternatively, pour ground cinnamon directly onto the soil surrounding the stem of the plant. Cinnamon contains essential nutrients for the plant. Apply it at least once a week.

Third trick: banana peels and eggshells

They are both ingredients rich in nutrients for plants and very precious in the garden. Combine banana peels with washed eggshells, add some coffee grounds and blend everything together.

Pour the solution directly onto the soil, as if it were compost.

Fourth trick: cloves

The nutrients present in the soil are essential for good growth and flowering of the plant. Cloves are very rich in iron, and can be a great help in the garden.

Place at least 3 or 4 cloves in the plant soil. They will release iron into the soil as you water the plant, making it healthier and stronger.