Orchids are among the most loved and appreciated flowers in the world There are many varieties, with different colors and shapes, but they all share an extraordinary delicacy, which causes them to wither or dry out frequently.

You will surely have brought a wonderful orchid home and witnessed its slow decline, until it almost completely withered. In this article we suggest how to avoid this, and how to recover a withered or dried orchid .

When talking about basic orchid care, we must first remember that, being plants of tropical origin, they are accustomed to humidity . However, you must avoid overdoing the quantities of water on the roots, as they could rot and die .

Orchid flowers can last up to three months if the plants are properly watered.

How to recover a dried or withered orchid

  1. Remove the orchid from its container extremely gently, taking care not to damage it.
  2. Remove the coconut fiber with which it is usually made (it can also be another material).
  3. Mix coconut fiber with pine bark.
  4. Place the orchid in a container filled with water to soften the roots.
  5. Place the plant in a new container with good drainage. Make sure it has holes to ensure photosynthesis.
  6. Cover the orchid with the coconut fiber and pine bark mix.
  7. Spray a little fungicide on the leaves to strengthen them.

If the orchid doesn’t yet have flowers, you can shorten the stem to concentrate its energy in a smaller space.

Remember to apply a specific fertilizer for orchids and care for them daily. In a short time your orchid will flower again profusely.