We present to you an effective trick for rooting and propagating roses, for which you will only need two bulbs. It guarantees a rich root system in just one week. Read on to see what you need to do to increase your rose collection in your garden!

You will need:

– 1 rose cutting;

– 2 onions;

– measure;

– sand and loose soil.


1. Cut the rose branch from the bush you would like to propagate. Remove all the leaves and keep only a portion with two buds.

2. Stick the ends of the cutting into two small red onions and brush the buds with honey.

3. Plant it in a pot with sand and water the future rose with honey water.

4. Place the pot in a sunny place. In 7 days, the first leaves and roots will appear.

5. Remove the cutting from the sand and cut the onions into slices. Mix them with the soil in which you will plant the rose.

6. Plant it in a large pot with loose soil. Water it again with honey water.

7. Next, take care of it as usual. In a short time, it will delight you with the first beautiful inflorescences!

Good at gardening!