Orchids are beautiful houseplants, but extremely fragile and at risk of bacteria. Let’s discover the natural element that will allow you to ward off the threat of diseases for your orchids. Here are the details.

One of the houseplants most present in people’s homes are, without a doubt, orchids . In nature there is an impressive variety of these plants, given that there are over 30 thousand different species.

Each orchid will differ based on the size, color and shade of its flowers and many other aspects. It will be possible to come across orchids of all colours, from purple to pink up to yellow, white, blue and orange. A real riot of colours.

We mentioned that the orchid is primarily a houseplant . In fact, this will be precisely the place where it will be able to grow best and protected from pitfalls and threats. Despite this, this plant is very fragile and sensitive to various conditions . It will therefore be your responsibility to carry out all the moves as correctly as possible, to prevent it from being attacked by parasites, bacteria or other diseases.

It is not very complicated to optimally care for orchids and protect them from bacteria. In fact, they will need a few simple precautions . You will, however, have to pay attention to any “strange” signals these plants give.

It will be very important to avoid the plant having direct exposure to the sun . The orchid, therefore, loves the interior of our home, as long as the light reaches its leaves without contact with the sun’s rays.

You can also place your orchid on the windowsill, as long as the sun’s rays never reach that point. It will also be possible to protect the plant with a tent. The important thing, however, will be that it is always protected from direct contact with the sun’s rays. However, as anticipated, it will always need to be exposed to light.

In this article, we want to show you an extraordinary trick to minimize the risk of your orchid getting sick . Here’s the specific ingredient that will really come in handy.

Perfect protection for orchids from bacteria: here’s what you need to know

Placing the orchid in the south-east or south-west area of ​​the apartment is the best strategy. Another aspect to consider, then, will be that relating to the heating in the house. Avoid placing your orchid near heat sources, such as radiators or fireplaces. It will be important that the plant lives at a mild temperature, neither too cold nor too hot.


Around 20° the orchid will always have optimal growth and will be healthy and lush. In summer, placing the orchid in a ventilated area will be important, always being careful to prevent the sun from peeking inside.

Excess humidity in the home environment can put your orchid at risk of being attacked by dangerous parasites and bacteria . If this happens, the plant will get sick and, in the worst cases, may die.

Some chemical products on the market are able to eradicate these parasites , but it will never be the solution recommended by experts. In fact, there are several tricks that will allow your orchid to always be healthy. In particular, a natural element will be really useful to you in this sense. Here is all the information about it.

The solution against parasites

The natural solution that will allow you to effectively eradicate any parasite attack on your orchid will be to use turmeric . You understood well! This element with high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for the human body will also be very useful to avoid problems for your plants.


It will therefore not be possible to use it only in the kitchen, but also for other apparently secondary purposes. The first thing you will have to do is to cut the dry branches most affected by the attack of bacteria and parasites. The dried roots must then be removed from the pot and washed in water .

Take the turmeric powder and dissolve a spoonful of it in a container with warm water . Filter everything and insert the mixture obtained into a spray vaporizer. Spray this mixture on the leaves and roots of your orchid and proceed to a new installation of the orchid in a pot with soil, pebble and coconut fiber.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic action of turmeric will have highly positive effects on your orchid . It will grow again as healthy and strong as it once was, after this precious intervention.