How stunning orchids appear, especially during their peak blooming phase!

Growing them may seem straightforward, but it’s not as simple as it appears.

For a seemingly minor issue, such as twigs with their lovely buds tightly closed suddenly dropping, it’s crucial to take action. Not everyone realizes the importance of directing the new stem in the correct orientation. If left unchecked, it could grow towards the ground, potentially breaking due to the force of gravity and the weight of new shoots—a situation akin to a dog chasing its tail, endangering the seedling’s health.

Beautiful and flowering orchids: a pinch of this ingredient is enough.

So, how can you prevent further damage and restore the plant’s beauty?

Curious? Let’s dive in!

Beautiful, flowering orchids: just a pinch of this ingredient. Curious?

If the orchid has a broken branch, first, carefully observe and assess the severity of the damage.

If the twig is still partially attached to the stem, remove it completely. This allows for the sprouting of a new shoot, possibly not as robust as the previous one but still aesthetically pleasing.

Always use sterilized shears to ensure a clean and aseptic cut, promoting successful new growth.

And then? Seal the plant’s wound with a phenomenal ingredient: cinnamon! Its antibacterial and antifungal properties help prevent potential infections or diseases.

Opt for the powdered cinnamon used in your culinary endeavors and sprinkle it on the breaking point. This creates a kind of “band-aid,” facilitating the rapid healing of the wound and encouraging the regrowth of a new shoot.

super flowering orchids just a 2 is enough

Now, tend to the plant, allowing it time to regain strength. Water it occasionally and mist the leaves and stems with fresh water.

For an additional remedy to expedite its recovery, click here for another foolproof solution to enhance the beauty of your orchid! The word of advice comes from Not Just Recycling!