Regrettably, the summer season ushers in a slew of particularly bothersome insects, with mosquitoes topping the list. Especially in the evenings, the abundance of mosquitoes often hinders the enjoyment of outdoor activities. While various skin-friendly products on the market can keep these pests at bay, there are also numerous chemical solutions designed to remove or neutralize them. Today, we present a natural remedy to ward off mosquitoes from your living spaces.

DIY Mosquito Repellent in Minutes and for Only 25 Cents

To begin, acquire a bottle similar to a Coca-Cola bottle. Cut it approximately at the center, where the bottle tightens. Alternatively, you can use other plastic bottles, provided they have a narrow exit hole.

Next, place 300 ml of hot water, not exceeding 40°C, in the base of the bottle. Add 4 tablespoons of sugar and stir until dissolved. It’s essential to add the sugar before the yeast to prevent the simultaneous release of carbon dioxide, which could attract mosquitoes.

This unique mixture releases carbon dioxide, enticing mosquitoes and trapping them effectively. Let’s delve into the preparation.

Once the sugar has dissolved, allow the water to cool slightly. When it drops below 40°C, add a cube of yeast or 25 grams of powdered yeast and thoroughly mix everything.

Now, take the top of the bottle and insert it upside down into the other part containing the mixture. Place the assembly indoors or outdoors, securing the two parts of the bottle together with a bit of tape if placed outdoors. Remember to change the mixture every three or four days. The cost to create this mosquito repellent is approximately 25/30 cents.

Rest assured, this economical and effective DIY solution is a fantastic way to bid farewell to mosquitoes!