Many new gardeners often think that only tomato stems need pruning for a fruitful and appealing harvest, but the same applies to peppers. Here are the three crucial steps to ensure a thriving pepper crop this year:

  • Removing the Lower Flowers: It might seem drastic, but it’s essential. The lower flowers, if left untouched, consume crucial nutrients, hampering the development of upper ones. If your peppers have already begun forming, trim these lower flowers without hesitation. Sacrificing a few peppers now will significantly enhance the overall yield later.
  • Trimming the Axillary Shoots: This step is reminiscent of pruning axillary shoots in tomato plants during the summer. Trim the weaker shoots between two robust branches to boost the health of both leaves and fruit.

  • Pruning Leaves: Trim the smaller leaves on the lower half of the pepper stem, as they contribute minimally and absorb valuable nutrients. Ensure there are no leaves near the ground to reduce the risk of fungal issues.