To accelerate the growth of orchids, you can rely on this straightforward technique with guaranteed effectiveness.

Undoubtedly, summer is the perfect season for cultivating various splendid plants, whether in your garden, on your balcony, or on your windowsill. The intense summer sunlight only serves to enhance the beauty of the numerous flowers we choose to adorn our living spaces, indoors and outdoors alike. Among the most favored flowers are orchids, beloved by gardening enthusiasts for their exquisite beauty and elegance. Orchids come in various types, all of them captivating with their vibrant colors and delightful fragrances. Adding orchids to your home is an excellent choice, as these flowers also emit a delightful scent.

However, particularly for beginners, it’s not always clear how to ensure orchids grow robustly, abundantly, and beautifully. The key lies in opting for a highly effective organic fertilizer, one that provides the plant with the essential nutrients it needs.

While many individuals opt for chemical products readily available in specialized stores, it is advisable to eschew these solutions and instead focus on natural, organic fertilizers.

To promote the proliferation of orchid buds, start by watering your orchids once every two weeks to maintain the appropriate level of humidity. This helps the plant absorb fertilizers more effectively.

Next, turn to brown rice, which is preferable to regular rice because it is richer in elements such as potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. Place five tablespoons of brown rice in a plastic cup and add half a liter of water.

Once you’ve completed this step, carefully mix the mixture and strain it through a sieve into another container, filtering the liquid.

With the freshly obtained rice water, you can cleanse the leaves of the orchids. Take some cotton wool, dip it in the rice water, and gently apply it to the leaves.

This method ensures the plant receives ample nourishment, including proteins and B vitamins. The cleaner the leaves, the better the plant’s chances of thriving without issues.

By applying rice water to the leaves once a month, you can also deter fungi and insects, promoting the plant’s long-term health and growth.

You can also water the orchid’s soil with rice water, allowing it to sit for approximately 30 minutes to facilitate better nutrient absorption by the roots.

Lastly, a great way to rejuvenate damaged orchids is through repotting. Before replanting, always use rice water to cleanse the leaves meticulously, ensuring the plant receives the necessary nourishment.

Once this is done, place the orchid plant in a glass and fill it with rice water, allowing it to rest for about 30 minutes.

Thanks to this method, the plant’s roots will develop more rapidly when it’s time for replanting. When repotting, it’s advisable to keep the plant in a cool location for about a week before relocating it to a spot with ample light.