There are quite a few natural fertilizers for orchids, which stimulate their growth, development and, as a result, abundant flowering. One of these effective fertilizers is ginger water. Orchids love “showering” with this water!

Preparing ginger water for orchids is very simple. Take a piece of ginger root (about 50-70 g). Cut it into pieces and pound it in a mortar to release its juice.

Transfer the resulting composition to a piece of cheesecloth and squeeze the ginger juice out of it very well. You will get about a tablespoon of juice. This amount is sufficient.

Pour the natural ginger juice that you have obtained into a liter of clean, settled water (at room temperature). Stir. 

Spray the roots and leaves of the orchid with the ginger water. But do not allow moisture to penetrate at the level of the buds (in the depressions formed at the base of the leaves). Remove the water that gets there with the help of cotton pads.

Ginger is a natural remedy with nutritive and antiseptic properties, suitable for both humans and plants. It is very rich in vitamins and microelements, which stimulate the development of roots and growth of vegetative mass. Fertilizing with ginger water can be done once a week (to stimulate active root growth) or once a month (to support plant health). In addition to stimulating root development, ginger prevents fungal diseases, mold and rot. Also, ginger water helps orchids better assimilate nutrients from the air, grow stronger and healthier.

Good at gardening!