Sansevieria, known for its tropical appearance and remarkable resilience, is a widespread houseplant, often considered indestructible. This versatile plant thrives in diverse environments, enduring variations in water, light, and temperature. For gardening enthusiasts, sansevieria serves as an excellent and forgiving practice plant.

The propagation of sansevieria is a straightforward process, requiring just a few simple steps:

  1. Leaf Selection: Choose a healthy sansevieria leaf and use a well-sharpened, disinfected knife to cut it. Divide the leaf into 2-3 centimeter pieces, depending on the desired quantity of new plants.
  2. Rooting Hormone Application: Optionally, dip the cut ends of each leaf into rooting hormone, following the instructions on the package. While this step can be skipped, it accelerates the root development process.
  3. Planting: Insert the cut and treated end into the rooting hormone into potting soil, burying it approximately 1 centimeter deep. This successfully initiates the propagation process.
  4. Caring for the New Plants: Maintain the moisture of the soil and place the pots in well-lit areas, ensuring they are shielded from drafts.
  5. Root Formation: The sansevieria cuttings will take about a month to develop roots. Allow at least two months to pass before transplanting them into their final pots.

With these simple steps, you can multiply your sansevieria and enjoy the tropical elegance and hardiness of this remarkable houseplant.