water the plants

Say Goodbye to Your Watering Can: The Method for Watering Your Plants

This method, eliminating the need for a traditional watering can, is not only effective but also easy to implement. Gather a few items: a plastic bottle, a small plastic tube, a piece of string, and a basic wire.

Use a soldering iron to create a hole in the plastic cap, sized to accommodate the tube.

Thread the string through the plastic tube using the wire, ensuring the string is slightly longer than the tube.

Watering system with bottle and string

Secure one end of the string with a knot, forming a loop, and pass the wire through it to guide the string through the tube.

Once the string has passed through completely, remove the wire, ensuring the string protrudes slightly from both ends of the plastic tube.

Insert the tube with the string into the bottle through the hole in the cap. The tube should touch the bottle’s bottom from the inside while remaining a few centimeters above the ground on the outside.

  1. Drip irrigation system
  2. Your makeshift drip irrigation system is ready to use. Fill the bottle with water, let the string absorb it, and once saturated, it will transport water to the plant externally.
  3. This system releases water gently, drop by drop, making the water inside the bottle last up to a week. Your plant will receive a steady, albeit small, supply of water. Try out this irrigation system for yourself and enjoy the convenience it offers.