Growing mango from seed is a rewarding venture that can be successfully undertaken at home, even in a pot placed in a sunny area. Mango, an exotic fruit originating from the tropical tree of the same name in India, can be cultivated in warmer seasons such as spring and summer. To ensure successful growth, protection from winter cold is essential, requiring relocation to indoor spaces.

how to grow mango

Steps to Grow Mango from Seed:

  1. Obtain the Seed:
    • Extract the seed from a fresh mango, ensuring it is thoroughly cleaned to remove all pulp.
  2. Prepare the Seed:
    • Open the outer layer of the seed to extract the inner seed. This may require careful attempts and some force. Slowly open the outer layer with a knife until the seed is accessible.
  3. Germinate the Seed:
    • Moisten a paper napkin, place the seed in the center, and wrap it with the napkin. Enclose the seed in a waterproof, transparent bag, and place it in a well-lit area near a window.
  4. Monitor Germination:
    • Check for sprouting, which may take a couple of weeks. If mold forms, discard the seed. If in good condition, transfer it to a pot filled with soil enriched with homemade compost, ensuring not to damage the shoots and roots.
  5. Plant the Seed:
    • Bury the concave part of the seed approximately 2.5 cm deep in moist soil. Keep the container in a warm, shady location until the sprout emerges, which typically takes two to three weeks.
  6. Transition to a Sunny Area:
    • Once the plant begins to grow, move it to a sunny area in the garden to support further tree development.
  7. First-Year Care:
    • In the first year, apply natural fertilizer monthly, combined with hot water.
    • Initially, water regularly with two tablespoons daily, reducing over time to once or twice a week within the first year.
    • Regularly eradicate weeds and add a thin layer of mulch to retain soil moisture.
    • In autumn, after the fruit season, prune branches 2.5 cm from the trunk and eliminate excessive growth.

By following these steps, you can enjoy the journey of growing mango from seed, nurturing the plant from its early stages to fruitful maturity. Happy planting!