Strawberries, with their juicy and sweet taste, often grace our tables, especially during the warmer months. If the store-bought ones no longer capture the delightful flavor you crave and you find yourself paying a premium, consider cultivating strawberries at home. Not only will this allow you to relish the fruits at their best, but it can also serve as a source of satisfaction and adorn your living space with the beauty of the strawberry plant.

Here’s how to cultivate strawberries at home:

  1. Choose 1-3 ripe but not overly soft strawberries. Ensure they have no blackened portions.
  2. Press on the strawberry tips and extract the seeds using a knife.
  3. Dry the seeds thoroughly and place them on a plate, aiming for around 20-30 seeds.
  4. Acquire a pot that is 25-30 centimeters deep, well-drained, and add soil to it.
  5. Moisten a toothpick and use it to scatter a couple of seeds on the soil’s surface without burying them.
  6. Water the soil with a solution consisting of one-third water and two-thirds hydrogen peroxide, using just a few drops.
  7. Position the pot in a warm spot, such as the kitchen, ensuring the plant receives ample bright light for healthy and sizable strawberries.
  8. Water the soil twice a week to maintain consistent moisture, avoiding water stagnation.

Learning how to grow strawberries at home not only provides economic benefits but also safeguards your health. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, enhancing iron absorption, making them particularly valuable for those dealing with or preventing anemia.