Aloe vera stands not only as an aesthetically pleasing plant but also a reservoir of numerous properties that offer soothing and refreshing benefits, serving as a valuable ally for both beauty and well-being. Growing aloe vera at home ensures a readily available source of its gel, eliminating the need for purchasing creams and ointments. Let’s delve into the process of cultivating aloe vera and unravel its myriad uses.

Aloe Vera: Key Insights

Growing aloe vera proves to be a straightforward endeavor, but several crucial aspects warrant attention. Native to Africa, aloe vera thrives in environments with ample direct sunlight and a hot, dry climate. It flourishes in temperatures ranging from 18 to 30 degrees, necessitating sheltered spots during winter to prevent the freezing of water in its leaves, avoiding potential thermal shock leading to immediate demise.

While ideally planted in the ground, aloe vera adapts well to large pots. Adding a layer of gravel (2-3 centimeters) aids in absorbing excess water, averting the risk of root rot. The plant, resilient to drought, requires watering every 15 days, as excessive water can induce rot and stagnation.

Harvesting Aloe Vera Gel

To extract aloe vera gel, it is imperative that the plant is at least 3 years old. Harvesting involves cutting a leaf from the base and slitting it along the outline. The gel can be released by cutting the leaf at one point or by slicing it in half and scooping out the contents with a spoon. The gel, rich in benefits, can be stored in a tightly sealed glass jar in the refrigerator for approximately two weeks.

8 Ways to Utilize Aloe Vera Gel

  1. Hair Pack: Applied before shampooing, the gel enhances hair softness and silkiness.
  2. Face Cream: Light and hydrating, aloe vera serves as a summer substitute for face and body creams.
  3. Anti-Burn Cream: Effectively relieves sunburns, providing a refreshing and soothing sensation.
  4. Cream Against Pimples: Acts as an ideal anti-inflammatory and healing solution for acne and pimples.
  5. Anti-Dandruff Mask: Aloe vera tackles dandruff issues by massaging the scalp with a spoonful of gel.
  6. Gum Anti-Inflammatory: The gel’s antibacterial properties combat gum inflammation, doubling as a natural mouthwash when diluted with water.
  7. Anti-Mosquitoes: Alleviates itching and redness caused by mosquito bites when applied to the affected area.
  8. Disinfectant: Aloe vera gel, with its natural antibacterial properties, serves as a green alternative for sanitizing hands. The addition of lavender or tea tree essential oil imparts a pleasant fragrance.

Incorporating aloe vera into daily routines unlocks a treasure trove of benefits, ensuring a versatile and sustainable approach to well-being and beauty.