Growing mandarin trees from seeds can be a rewarding but patient endeavor. While trees grown from seeds take several years to mature and produce fruit, the process can be fulfilling for those with passion and time. Here are the steps to help you turn your tangerine seed into a fruitful tree:

  1. Save the Seed:
    • Collect seeds from a large, juicy, organic tangerine.
    • Wash and let the seed dry on a paper towel.
    • Sow the seed immediately for better viability.
  2. Sow the Seed:
    • Plant the seed in a pot filled with potting soil.
    • Use a small pot (10cm) with one seed per pot.
    • Moisturize the soil before gently planting the seed 5mm deep.
    • Cover the seed and water the pots after sowing.
  3. Keep the Pot Warm:
    • Place the pots in a warm environment, such as a greenhouse or a foam box covered with glass or plastic.
    • Ensure the location is well-lit but not in direct sunlight.
  4. Keep the Environment Humid:
    • Spray the soil to maintain humidity without soaking it.
    • Water gently using a sprayer attachment once germination occurs.
  5. Let it Grow:
    • Apply diluted liquid organic fertilizer when the plant reaches around 5cm in height.
    • Repeat fertilizer application every 14 days during warmer months.
    • Move the pot to a sheltered, sunny location if the weather is warm.
  6. Protect Your Plant:
    • Guard against predators like snails, slugs, aphids, and caterpillars.
    • Check leaves regularly and remove any pests.
  7. Repot the Plant:
    • When the plant is 10 to 15 cm tall with a developed root system, transfer it to a larger container (15 cm in diameter) with fresh potting soil.
    • Continue repotting as the plant grows, moving to larger containers.
  8. Plant in the Garden:
    • After about two years of growth, the seedling should be sturdy enough for the garden.
    • Consider continuing growth in a container until it reaches about 12 inches tall.
  9. Wait for Fruit Production:
    • Mandarin trees from seeds may take four to seven years to flower and bear fruit.
    • Discourage fruiting in young trees with weak branches by removing flowers and small fruits.
    • Flowering occurs in spring, fruits form in summer, and ripening takes place in early autumn.

Exercise patience and enjoy the journey of cultivating your mandarin tree from seed to fruitful harvest!