Ensure your plants receive adequate watering, even when you’re away for an extended period.

Water the plants

Through a quick and easy method. Plant enthusiasts understand the importance of meticulous watering to foster strong, lush growth and ensure the longevity of their green companions. While enlisting the help of trusted individuals is a common solution when away, an alternative method exists to provide plants with essential hydration independently.

Follow this foolproof method for watering plants in your absence:

  1. Obtain two plastic bottles of varying sizes, with the larger one serving as the container. Cut the bottom of the larger bottle about six centimeters from the base.
  2. Position the smaller bottle vertically inside the cut end of the larger bottle. Mark the maximum water level on the smaller bottle using a marker, aligning it with the lower portion of the larger bottle.
  3. Create a small square half a centimeter below the marked water level using a different-colored marker. Cut out the plastic within this square to form a small window for water release.
  4. Cut a fabric strip approximately 35 centimeters long and place it on a piece of aluminum foil. Wrap the foil around the strip, ensuring about 4 centimeters of fabric protrude from the wrapped aluminum.
  5. Fold the wrapped aluminum and insert it into the lower portion of the plastic bottle alongside the smaller bottle.
Watering plants

This setup creates a simple drip irrigation system:

  • Position the base in the soil at a depth of about half a centimeter.
  • Place the smaller bottle filled with water inside, allowing water to exit through the window and fill the lower part acting as a reservoir.
  • Apply the wrapped and folded aluminum inside the base to act as a sprinkler.
  • Soon, water droplets will emerge from the sprinkler, effectively watering the plants.

Adjusting the watering speed is straightforward:

  • If irrigation occurs too rapidly, tighten the wrapped foil to slow down the water flow, ensuring proper watering.
Watering plants

This innovative drip irrigation method is suitable for both garden beds and potted plants, offering a practical solution for plant care during your absence, even for extended vacations. It’s a remarkable idea that allows you to enjoy worry-free holidays without compromising the health of your plants.