Discover the secret to flourishing balcony plants with this natural, cost-effective solution.

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Oftentimes, we turn to expensive, chemical-laden commercial fertilizers to nourish our plants. Yet, there’s a hidden gem in our kitchens that can be transformed into a potent, natural fertilizer: onion peels. Let’s explore how these commonly discarded kitchen scraps can rejuvenate your balcony plants in a simple, affordable, and eco-friendly way.

Onion Peels: A Natural Bloom Booster

Onion peels, typically seen as waste, are actually packed with vital nutrients and compounds that promote plant growth. This section reveals how to craft a homemade fertilizer from onion peels, fostering lush growth in your balcony plants.

Rich in essential nutrients like potassium, phosphorus, and calcium, onion peels significantly contribute to plant development and health. These scraps enrich the soil with organic matter, enhancing its structure and moisture retention capacity.

Notably, onion peels possess antifungal properties, safeguarding plants against fungal diseases. Their strong scent also serves as a natural insect deterrent, protecting your greenery from pests.

Onion peels

Crafting Fertilizer from Onion Peels


  • Onion peels (preferably from organic onions to avoid pesticides)


  1. Blending: Collect the onion peels while cooking. Blend them with a bit of water to achieve a paste-like consistency, which aids in nutrient extraction.
  2. Dilution: Mix 1 part of the onion peel paste with 5 parts water. Adjust the dilution based on your plants’ needs.
  3. Application: Apply this solution directly to the plant’s base or use a sprayer for leaf coverage. Be cautious with the amount to prevent potential burns.

Frequency of Application

  • Apply this onion peel fertilizer every 2-3 weeks during the growing season. Observe your plants and tailor the application frequency to their specific requirements.
  • Alternatively, create a decoction by boiling onion peels for 20 minutes, then cooling and using the strained liquid as fertilizer.
Fertilizer for plants in the balcony

Use only the peels, not whole bulbs, to avoid harming plant roots.
Avoid using this fertilizer on sensitive plants like orchids or acidophilic species.
Onion peels, often overlooked and discarded, can be repurposed into an effective, natural fertilizer, promoting robust plant growth. This approach not only economizes on commercial fertilizers but also fosters a more sustainable, eco-friendly gardening practice. Try this homemade fertilizer and witness your balcony plants thrive, contributing to a healthier environment for both your plants and the planet.