If you’ve ever entertained the idea of cultivating tropical fruits within the confines of your apartment, here’s some fantastic news: growing pineapples is not only possible but also quite straightforward.



You don’t even need to acquire pineapple seeds; simply purchase a fruit from the store and follow these uncomplicated instructions.



  1. Cut or break off the leaves from the fruit by hand. Then, using a knife, remove the shoots at their base, as illustrated in the picture.
  2. Place the leaves in a glass of water, ensuring that only the shoots come into contact with the liquid. Position the glass on a sunny windowsill.
  3. Maintain this setup for 20-30 days until you observe the emergence of fresh shoots. Once this occurs, plant the shoots in pots, position them in a sunny location, and water them at least once a week.
  4. If the soil dries out sooner, additional watering 2-3 times may be necessary. Be prepared for a waiting period of 1-2 years before the plant begins to bear fruit, so exercise patience throughout the process.