This straightforward method ensures a thorough cleaning and sanitization of strawberries, eliminating any worries about worms and insects.

Strawberries full of germs

As the spring season emerges, bringing with it the delightful presence of strawberries, it becomes essential to take precautionary measures due to the potential presence of insects in these delectable fruits. While conventional disinfectants are readily available, opting for natural methods ensures a safer and more effective way to sanitize strawberries.

The following method guarantees a meticulous cleaning process, leaving no trace of insects.

Begin by obtaining a baking dish and filling it with water, incorporating some coarse salt to dissolve in the water. To this solution, add a moderate amount of white vinegar, adjusting the quantity based on the number of strawberries to be cleaned. Submerge the strawberries in the mixture and let them soak for approximately ten minutes.


Following this soaking period, proceed to rinse the strawberries using the solution from the baking dish. Be attentive, and after a few minutes, you may observe the presence of tiny white worms. This occurrence is not uncommon, as strawberries are considered among the “dirtiest” fruits, necessitating thorough sanitization. The solution will gradually darken during the washing process, indicating the removal of worms and various insects.

For a comprehensive cleaning, it is advisable to remove the stems from each strawberry. The stem is a focal point for insect concentration, and despite meticulous washing, complete elimination may be challenging. After this step, transfer the strawberries to another container filled with water, leaving behind the dirty water in the original dish. If the fruits have been rinsed effectively, the discarded water will contain insects and worms, ensuring that they no longer pose a concern for the strawberries or, more importantly, for your health.

Wash the strawberriesWith this comprehensive cleaning process complete, the strawberries are now ready to be enjoyed immediately or incorporated into various culinary delights such as cakes, desserts, or cocktails.