Planting roses without roots may seem like magic, but with this 100% functional method, you can achieve beautiful results quickly.

planting rootless roses

Roses, with their captivating beauty and unique fragrances, are often found in gardens, and expert gardeners recommend a particular method to cultivate these blooms without roots. While each color of rose is said to express a different feeling, let’s set aside the symbolism for a moment and explore how to plant rootless roses and keep your garden blooming with scented and colorful delights.

Roses in the Garden: Keeping Them Beautiful

Cultivating beautiful roses requires dedication and love, making it a rewarding but challenging task. Whether you’re a green thumb enthusiast or a novice gardener, there’s an innovative and straightforward method to plant roses without roots, a technique often used by gardeners who generously share their secrets.

Red rose

Planting Rootless Roses: The Method

To establish a garden full of fragrant and vibrant roses, follow this step-by-step approach to plant roses without roots:

garden roses
  • Obtain a Cutting:
    • Carefully cut a branch from the chosen rose bush, ensuring the thickness is similar to a pencil.
    • Remove thorns with wire cutters and eliminate old leaves.
    • Make a diagonal cut on the stem and check for any new shoots.
    • Place the cuttings in water to keep them alive.
  • Prepare the Soil with a DIY Greenhouse:
    • Cut a 5-liter water bottle to 7cm with scissors, leaving a plastic flap for opening and closing.
    • Create a layer of coconut fiber, reaching the base of the bottle, to retain humidity within the greenhouse.
    • Optionally, add a small piece of aloe vera, a natural ingredient known for enhancing root strength and growth.
    • Rub the cutting’s base with aloe and insert it into the coconut fiber.
  • Moisten and Place the DIY Greenhouse:
    • Dampen the layer and position the DIY greenhouse in a shaded area.
    • After just 12 days, observe the first signs of growth.
rose cuttings

This innovative and straightforward method offers a unique way to multiply rootless roses successfully. Try it out, and in no time, you’ll witness the beautiful results of your blooming garden.