Achieving flourishing and healthy orchids throughout the year is not an insurmountable task; it requires a simple weekly process. 


Orchids, known for their exquisite beauty, can be challenging to maintain, but a straightforward remedy can ensure their vitality year-round.

Characteristics and Diversity of Orchids:

Orchids belong to the monocotyledon family, boasting a diverse range of 25,000 species. Adored by flower enthusiasts in Spain and Italy, these plants thrive in warmer climates but struggle in extremely cold or arid regions. Orchids exhibit varied morphology, ranging from a few millimeters to an impressive 13.4 meters, exemplified by the Sobralia altissima species.


Some orchids can even weigh up to 100 kg, such as the Grammatophyllum species. Their pleasant fragrance adds to their extraordinary allure, with colors spanning from the popular purple to shades like blue, symbolizing harmony, pink denoting love, and green representing hope.

Caring for Orchids and Common Mistakes:

While orchids are captivating, their care demands attention, and mistakes can lead to their demise. Overwatering, underwatering, improper lighting, and excessive humidity are common pitfalls. However, a solution exists to maintain orchids in peak health for an entire year by incorporating a simple ingredient: Epsom salt.


Using Epsom Salt as a Super Fertilizer:

Epsom salt, also known as bitter salt, is rich in sulfur and magnesium, making it an excellent fertilizer for orchids. Here’s how you can utilize it:

  1. Adding to Soil: Once a week, add half a glass of Epsom salt to the orchid’s soil. Thoroughly rake the soil to ensure complete absorption.
  2. Leaf Application: Prepare a mixture by adding two tablespoons of Epsom salt to four liters of water. Dissolve the salt completely and use a spray bottle to wet both the soil and leaves.

This straightforward process ensures that your orchid not only produces stunning flowers but remains lush throughout the entire year. Keep in mind essential factors such as temperature and light; orchids thrive in temperatures between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius, avoiding direct sunlight that may damage flowers and leaves. When watering, use purified water instead of tap water, which may contain limescale. Applying these simple practices will allow you to enjoy vibrant orchids for up to 12 months.

Epsom salt