Orchid Care Before Your Holiday: A Pre-Departure Guide

Flowering orchids

Before embarking on your holiday adventures, it’s essential to consider the well-being of your orchids, delicate plants that demand attention. Orchids, known for their vibrant flowers, have tropical origins and were once considered elite plants due to specific climate and care requirements.

Over time, various orchid varieties have adapted to European conditions, becoming more popular and accessible.

pink orchid

Orchid Care Based on Holiday Duration

Holiday Under 7 Days:

    • Watering Technique: Ensure your orchid is well-watered before departure to prevent dehydration. Opt for bottom watering by immersing the pot in a basin for at least half an hour, allowing the plant to absorb water through pot holes, ensuring prolonged moisture.
    • Light Exposure: Orchids prefer partial shade, but a few days before your departure, expose them to indirect sunlight for a few hours. This “recharge” helps prepare the plant for your absence.
    • Avoid Darkness: Orchids, while indoor plants, require light. Before leaving, don’t close all shutters completely, especially in the room with orchids, allowing sufficient light for the photosynthesis process.
    • Energy Boost: The day before leaving, provide an energy boost by fertilizing the orchid. Opt for a fertilizer rich in potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, diluting it in water before application.

Holiday Over 7 Days:

  • Thread Trick: If your holiday extends beyond 7 days without someone available for watering, employ the thread trick. Use woven cotton threads, placing one end in the soil and the other in a water basin. The threads will slowly transport water to the plant, preventing dehydration during your absence.