For three years of lush and beautiful flowers, a single cup of these ingredients is all you need – the nurserymen’s method that yields immediate results.

Lush flowers

Creating a vibrant flower garden or a colorful terrace is undoubtedly delightful, but it requires knowledge and care for plants. With numerous plant varieties, each with distinct and sometimes challenging needs, experienced gardeners are eager to share a little secret: a cup of natural fertilizer can work wonders.

The Purpose of Plant Fertilizer

Fertilizer, particularly when natural, consists of essential nutrients for plants, including calcium, potassium, sulfur, and other soil-enriching elements. Its role is to support healthy plant growth and facilitate the development of beautiful flowers.

A fertile, well-nourished, and adequately hydrated soil provides plants with the necessary elements for growth and sustenance. The functions of fertilizer encompass:

  1. Fertilizing the soil
  2. Thoroughly feeding the soil
  3. Assisting in combating germs, bacteria, and plant anomalies.
Fertilizer for plants

Typically, fertilizer is applied to the soil at specific times of the year, varying according to the plant type. Regardless of the ingredients used, this product aids in regulating the soil pH and nourishing plants deeply through their roots.

Lush Flowers with Natural Fertilizer

Expert gardeners have chosen to share a special recipe featuring a well-known and beloved fruit often enjoyed on its own or in desserts and ice creams. It has been revealed that the peel of this fruit serves as an excellent natural fertilizer for plants, especially for those desiring healthy and lush flowers. The primary ingredients include:

  1. Papaya peels
  2. Water

Combine these two simple ingredients in a blender, allowing them to blend and chop for two minutes. Transfer the mixture to a container and, after a few minutes, filter it to obtain an excellent liquid, serving as a natural fertilizer.

Papaya fertilizer

Apply an appropriate quantity directly onto the soil, allowing it to take effect. This nourishment can be reapplied approximately once a month to ensure the plant receives all it needs for beautiful and healthy flowers.

For those unfamiliar, papaya is a tropical fruit belonging to the Caricaceae family, rich in antioxidants. Originating from Mexico, this small tree bears a distinctive elongated shape and comes in various peel colors such as orange-yellow or green. Its use as a fertilizer is attributed to its richness in potassium, magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, folates, and carotenoids.