This article aims to provide targeted advice on naturally propagating geraniums for luxuriant growth, focusing on a simple leaf trick.

Caring for geraniums

Many individuals adorn their windowsills, balconies, or gardens with geraniums, known for their fragrant and vibrant flowers. To thrive, geraniums require a mild climate, ideally between 15° and 25°, and ample sunlight exposure. Spring stands out as the optimal season for geranium cultivation, fostering proliferation and optimal growth.

Geraniums, with their colorful and aromatic flowers, enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. Renowned for their fertility, geraniums also serve as natural repellents against mosquitoes, particularly beneficial in the warm summer months. Extracts from geraniums find applications in cosmetics, contributing to creams and oils with healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

This article delves into a foolproof method for perpetually lush geraniums the leaf-cutting technique. By exploring the details of geranium proliferation through cutting, one can ensure an abundance of vibrant geraniums. The reproduction by cuttings involves taking a part of the plant – a leaf, twig, or root – and planting it in the soil, generating a new plant connected to the mother plant.


Now, let’s delve into the steps to have luxuriant geraniums indefinitely using the leaf-cutting technique.

The Leaf Technique

To initiate the creation of a new geranium plant, a cutting is essential. Choose a soft, florid branch with a greenish color for the cutting, and consider applying a bit of cinnamon to the cut made with shears to prevent damage. Once these preliminary steps are complete, pot the new cutting, opting for a moderately sized pot with well-draining soil.

Careful monitoring during the initial days is crucial, ensuring the soil remains consistently moist without stagnation. Adequate light is required, but direct exposure to sunlight is best avoided during the first few weeks, as it might hinder the birth and development of the new geranium seedling.

Lush geranium

After 15-20 days, the cutting will develop its first roots, prompting a potential transfer to a larger pot. In the subsequent weeks, the first leaves will emerge, marking a natural and effective method of geranium proliferation.

By following these steps, one can consistently enjoy the lush and vibrant presence of geraniums in their surroundings.