A Flourishing Solution: Corn Starch for Geraniums, Hydrangeas, and Orchids

Flowering grains remedies

Are you tired of struggling to make your geraniums, hydrangeas, and orchids bloom all year round? Say farewell to your flowering problems with a simple ingredient that guarantees outstanding results. Get ready to unveil the secret that will rejuvenate and transform your plants.

Beloved Plants in Every Home

Italians have a profound love for plants, evident in the presence of these green companions gracing various corners of their homes. As the trend leans towards creating eco-friendly and smart living spaces, balconies and terraces adorned with flowering plants have become increasingly common.

Among the favorites are geraniums, hydrangeas, and orchids—resilient plants capable of thriving in diverse temperature ranges, even within the confines of an apartment. These botanical gems not only provide oxygen but also add vibrant hues to living spaces. However, success in caring for these plants hinges on careful attention to light and irrigation.

Geraniums in the house

The Common Challenge: Lack of Flowers

One prevalent woe among plant enthusiasts is the inability of geraniums, hydrangeas, and orchids to produce flowers. This common issue has left many disappointed. The good news is that the days of disappointment are over, thanks to a magical ingredient that can rescue your plants within minutes.

The Magic Ingredient: Corn Starch

Have you ever wished for a solution to revive your withered or flowerless plants? Today, you can bid farewell to those concerns. The secret ingredient used by experts to ensure lush flowering, especially for geraniums, hydrangeas, and orchids, is easily accessible: corn starch. A mere teaspoon of this powder, strategically placed on the soil of your plants, acts as a powerful fertilizer. The corn starch revitalizes the roots, encourages healthy leaf growth, and triggers the blossoming of flowers.

This technique is particularly effective in winter, promising splendid plants adorned with flowering buds even during the festive season. Rich in potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium, corn starch not only nourishes your plants but also safeguards them from the menace of parasites that often plague leaves.


Potato Starch: An Alternative Wonder

If you seek an alternative ingredient with the same flourishing benefits, look no further than potato starch. Similarly, a teaspoon of potato starch sprinkled onto the soil, followed by normal watering, will induce the blooming of flowers on your plants, even in the winter months.

Don’t Panic, Save and Bloom

When you notice your plants struggling to flower, there’s no need to panic or wait for them to wither. Embrace this simple yet effective remedy, and witness your green companions bloom throughout the year. Corn starch and potato starch provide a natural and accessible solution, ensuring your plants thrive and delight you with a continuous display of flowers.