Preserving Lemons All Year Round: A Simple Home Method

Lemon plant

Discover the straightforward technique that everyone should have in their arsenal to enjoy fresh lemons throughout the year. Uncover the details of this method, ensuring you never run out of this citrus gem.

Growing Lemons: The Year-Round Solution

Bid farewell to the need to purchase lemons with a simple yet effective method to grow and preserve them all year. Follow the instructions below to cultivate lemons in the most suitable way, ensuring a lasting supply.

Lemon plant

Lemons: The Effortless Method for Year-Round Harvest

While many have the opportunity to grow lemons, not everyone can make them last for an extended period. A remarkably easy method guarantees a lasting harvest throughout the year, delivering sensational results.

The initial step involves making small incisions parallel to each other on the trunk of the lemon tree. Lift and remove the external layer of wood, exposing the underlying part. This intervention occurs only on the front part of the log, leaving the back surface intact.

Next, obtain a special plant-based substance and crush it inside a plastic layer, creating a compact mixture. Wrap this mixture around the lemon tree’s trunk, covering the exposed part without the outer wood layer. Secure it with plastic, ensuring no substance spillage, and tightly close the upper and lower parts with a resistant string.

This method offers a reliable way to grow lemons for an entire year, delivering excellent results without complications.

Continuation of the Procedure for Lemon Tree Maintenance

After leaving the compound around the lemon tree’s trunk for two months, the process continues to ensure the plant’s efficient lifespan. Following this period, cut the trunk below the wrapped point, revealing plant roots within the mixture.

Prepare a large plant pot, filling the base with foliage and external parts covering the coconut. Add soil and insert the cut trunk into the pot, covering the roots with soil and adding rice bran generously. Water the soil and proceed to cut branches and leaves to facilitate optimal root development.

Plant pot

Final Stages of the Procedure

Cover the roots inside the compound with soil and add a significant amount of rice bran, covering it with soil until it reaches the pot’s edge. Water the soil surrounding the plant’s base and proceed to cut branches and leaves for successful root establishment.

After 2.5 months, visible roots at the base of the soil indicate successful growth. Use pieces of onion for flowering development, covering the external layer of soil inside the pot and watering it. After 3.5 months from this phase, witness the lemon plant in full bloom.

Rice bran

Following 5 months, the plant will be laden with green lemons, gradually changing to an intense yellow. Trim leaves covering the lemons, and when ready, use scissors to cut them and collect in a basket.

This infallible method ensures your lemon plant lasts all year, providing strength and an abundant harvest.

Lemon: Versatile and Beneficial

Having access to lemons is invaluable, given their versatility and numerous benefits for cleaning, beauty care, and diet. Drinking water with lemon in the morning supports various bodily functions, promoting good cholesterol and protecting blood circulation.


Lemons have purifying effects useful for combating cellulite. In culinary endeavors, lemons enhance a variety of recipes, from cakes to seafood. The properties of lemon extend to its peel, ideal for use in cooking, provided the lemons are free from preservatives.

Cultivating lemons using this method becomes an indispensable practice.