Discover the natural and cost-effective method of propagating rose branches using a banana – a quick and easy gardening trick that anyone can master.

Take out the rose branches

For enthusiasts of roses and flower-filled gardens, a simple yet effective gardener’s hack exists for planting rose branches with minimal cost and effort. This natural and age-old method ensures a garden or nursery brimming with beautiful and fragrant flowers, and experts are keen to share this secret for everyone to enjoy.

Here’s the expert method for using bananas to propagate rose branches:

  • Equip yourself with a cutter and, after donning gloves, carefully cut the stem of a rose into two sections. Place a small stone between the cut ends to keep them separated.
  • Take a ripe, organic banana, and wrap the cut ends of the rose stem around the heart of the banana. Secure everything in place using a clamp, ensuring not to squeeze too tightly or let the pulp escape.
  • To create a protective barrier, use a broken plastic vase that is cut and wrapped around the stem, enclosing the banana. Keep everything secure with cable ties, making sure not to fasten them too tightly.

banana for roses

Pour soil into the vase and flatten it to create an optimal environment for the rose branches.

Allow the plant to grow vertically, and if needed, secure it to a shrub using an expert method to prevent any curvature or bending during its development. Visible results should emerge after approximately a month.

Afterward, separate the pot from the shrub and cut it with scissors. The banana, having served its purpose, will have transformed into highly fertile soil, and the split stem will have produced roots, thanks to the properties of the banana.

rose branches

Repeat this method over time, placing the propagated rose plant in a suitable vase in the garden or on the terrace. In no time, you’ll enjoy a fragrant and vibrant bloom, all achieved with just a few cents and the assistance of a banana.