Keep ants at bay in your garden with this natural and easy-to-implement method.

Half a bottle

As the delightful season returns, so do some not-so-delightful challenges. Homeowners are well aware that the arrival of sun and warmth also signals the reappearance of insects in indoor spaces. From May to September, mosquitoes, flies, bees, and other pests make their presence known in our homes. But it doesn’t end there; on pleasant days, ants also make a comeback, scurrying around in search of food and a cozy spot for their colony. Ants can invade not only your home but also your garden, prompting many to seek effective ways to eliminate them.

Bid farewell to ants using this simple yet highly effective biological method.

While chemical products on the market are often effective, opting for biological solutions is advisable due to the potential harm of chemical substances. For instance, to keep ants away from fruit trees, a straightforward solution is to sprinkle wood ash in the affected area.

Wood ash boasts beneficial elements such as calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, promoting the robust growth of plants. Applying cold wood ash around fruit trees creates an impassable barrier for ants, deterring them from invading the area.


Now, let’s tackle ant elimination using a powerful and natural mixture consisting of baking soda, icing sugar, and water.

To create the solution, cut the bottom of a plastic bottle to fashion a container. Add 5 teaspoons of baking soda and 5 teaspoons of icing sugar to the container. This combination proves effective against ants, as icing sugar attracts them while baking soda exterminates their anthill.

Once the powdered sugar and baking soda are mixed thoroughly, add a small amount of water to enhance the efficacy of the solution. Place the container with the mixture in the garden near the anthill, ensuring to create small holes in the bottom of the bottle to facilitate ant entry.


The final step involves placing the container next to the anthill to attract the ants.

In a short period, the insects will enter the bottle, reaching the lethal mixture, which they will carry into the anthill. This ensures the elimination of the queen mother and a permanent solution to your ant problem.