To ensure your geraniums bloom throughout the year, there’s a lesser-known but highly effective method you should try. Here are the steps you need to follow immediately for year-round geranium blooms.

Flowering method geraniums

Geraniums make delightful additions to any balcony. They add a burst of color and a touch of happiness. These plants are remarkably hardy, requiring minimal maintenance. It’s essential to remember, though, that they don’t demand excessive watering.


Temperature plays a role in their well-being, with their comfort zone ranging between 15 to 25°C. High summer temperatures can stress them, so it’s advisable to place them in a shaded area during these months. However, the specific needs may vary depending on the geranium species you have. Some prefer sunny spots, while others thrive in shade. Regardless, fertilization is crucial for a healthy, flourishing plant. In this guide, we’ll share a special method to keep your geraniums blooming continuously.


Enhancing Geranium Blooms: A Simple Trick

We’re about to unveil a strategy to keep your geraniums flowering throughout the year, ensuring a constant display of blooms on your balcony. The key ingredient? Iodine. Without it, plants can become prone to diseases and grow more slowly. Let’s explore how to incorporate it.

Mix 1 drop of iodine into 1 liter of water, taking care not to exceed this ratio. Stir the mixture thoroughly. The water should remain almost clear, indicating the correct iodine amount.

Iodine solution in geraniums

If you accidentally add too much iodine, just dilute with additional water. Each geranium should be watered with about 50-100 ml of this solution, being mindful of the quantity to avoid harming the plant’s roots.

When using this iodine mixture, position the pots towards the outer edges of the balcony. Apply this treatment monthly for the best results. This lesser-known approach can significantly benefit your plants, as you’ll discover below.

Why Iodine Matters for Plants

We’ve outlined how to prepare an iodine solution to keep your geraniums in bloom. Iodine isn’t just vital for human health; it’s also crucial for plants. It plays a significant role in photosynthesis and optimal flowering.

Iodine helps plants in seed production and biomass growth, comparable in importance to iron and magnesium. To start, you’ll need pure liquid iodine, available in health stores or online. Simply prepare this solution, and your geraniums will thank you