Unlocking the Secrets of Anthurium Plant Care

Anthurium and onion

The anthurium plant, cherished for its vibrant and distinctive flowers, has been gaining popularity in Italian households. Often chosen as an ideal houseplant, the anthurium thrives indoors, showcasing its characteristic upturned leaves with vivid and intense colors, often accompanied by elongated ear-like structures. Nature boasts over 500 varieties of anthurium, each distinguished by unique structures and colors, transforming indoor spaces into lively sanctuaries.

Originating from the tropical realms of Central and South America, the anthurium prefers the warmth of indoor environments. The plant becomes susceptible to distress below 15°C, making a potted existence within the apartment an optimal choice. With proper care, this tropical beauty can bloom abundantly, enriching your living space.

The Crucial Steps for a Blooming Anthurium

Achieving perennial flowering of the anthurium demands an understanding of its specific requirements. This houseplant thrives in high temperatures and appreciates elevated humidity levels. Avoiding direct sunlight on its leaves is crucial, as direct exposure could lead to blackening, and in severe cases, plant demise.


Creating the ideal soil mixture for anthurium involves a combination of peat and sand. Adequate fertilizer is essential, and regular evaluation of soil moisture guides watering schedules, especially during warmer months. The primary ingredient for an exceptional and consistent flowering experience is a completely natural fertilizer, and here’s where the humble onion takes center stage.

Harnessing the Power of Onions for Anthurium Growth

Onions, known for their health benefits, extend their virtues to plant growth, including the anthurium. With the right acidity level, onions elevate soil pH, providing essential nutrients like vitamin C, phosphorus, and potassium for optimal absorption. Creating a natural fertilizer is simple—cut one or more onions into small pieces, place them in a jar, add approximately 500 milliliters of water, and blend the mixture.


This onion-based liquid fertilizer surpasses conventional watering, providing organic properties that stimulate growth and ensure perennial flowering. Beyond nourishment, onions exhibit exceptional antibacterial properties, safeguarding the anthurium from potential insect infestations and diseases.

Water the anthurium plant evenly around the roots with this natural fertilizer at least once a week to witness its continuous blossoming. Embrace this technique to maintain a thriving anthurium plant that consistently graces your space with vibrant blooms.