Anthurium, renowned for its beauty and resilience, has become a popular indoor plant in our homes. To maintain its health and vigor, a natural fertilizer can be prepared at home. 

anthurium remedy

Let’s explore how to create this fertilizer for ensuring the robustness of your anthurium.

Anthurium Characteristics

The anthurium, also known as anthurium, is a sought-after indoor plant, favored for apartment living. Over time, new species have broadened the range of choices, offering an array of colors, shapes, and sizes beyond the traditional red varieties. Originating from the forests of Colombia and belonging to the Araceae family, the anthurium was introduced to Europe over a century ago.


Adaptable to various environments and decor styles, the anthurium thrives near windows in well-lit spaces, avoiding direct sunlight. Hailing from the forests of Colombia, it takes on its characteristic compact shape and peripheral leaf petioles as it matures. Once considered challenging to cultivate, it has become widespread, with potential growth issues linked to temperature fluctuations and low humidity. Placing the anthurium in a bright location, shielded from drafts, enhances its growth and flowering.

Homemade Natural Fertilizer

Anthurium fertilization is recommended during the growing season, from spring to autumn. A liquid chemical fertilizer designed for flowering plants can be applied every two weeks during this period. Inadequate fertilization may lead to non-opening flowers or the production of new leaves without blooming.

For those inclined towards natural alternatives, a homemade fertilizer can be prepared. Here’s how:

  • Ingredients:
    • Peels of three bananas (rich in phosphorus and potassium)
    • One clove of garlic (fungicide and bactericide)
    • Neutral detergent
    • One liter of water
  • Preparation:
    • Cut the banana peels into small pieces and place them in a bowl with a clove of garlic.
    • Transfer the mixture to the bottom of a plastic bottle after removing the top.
    • Add a small amount of neutral detergent.
    • Pour one liter of water into the bottle.
  • Storage:
    • Place the bottle in a cool, dry area, preferably covered with a lid, for approximately 48 hours.
  • Application:
    • Filter the liquid and pour it slowly onto the soil of the anthurium, ensuring absorption.
    • Repeat the operation as needed.
Healthy and thriving anthurium

By utilizing this natural fertilizer, you’ll observe your anthurium becoming stronger and more robust. Additionally, it offers protection against external factors and helps ward off potential bacterial or fungal threats to the plant’s health.