Christmas holly is a tropical plant that blooms in winter. But often it does not bloom for several years, making its owners sad. If you have encountered this problem, this article will help you. Today we will present you a method, by means of which you will make Crăciunita bloom. It is extremely simple!


– a tablet of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin);

-1 liter of still, distilled or spring water;

– a container equipped with a sprayer;

-a fork or chopstick.


1. Crush the aspirin tablet with a pestle, mortar pestle or other suitable utensil.

2. Dissolve it in a liter of still, distilled or spring water.

3. Irrigate Crăciunita in advance (just a little – enough to moisten the soil). Then water it with the aspirin solution (root fertilization). Finally, loosen the soil in her pot with a fork or stick to ensure oxygen penetration.

4. Transfer a portion of the solution to a container equipped with a sprayer. Spray Christmas tree with it (foliar fertilization).

5. If there is any solution left, use it to fertilize other indoor plants. We like to apply it to orchids.

6. Such root and foliar fertilization is carried out once a month.

In addition to stimulating flowering, acetylsalicylic acid raises the immunity of plants, protecting them from diseases and pests.

Good at gardening!