Place a spoonful of sugar in your garden, and you’ll witness a remarkable transformation. Adopting this simple practice can make a significant difference, especially during the challenging summer season when both humans and animals face the heat.

Sugar in the garden

As temperatures continue to soar, with meteorologists predicting another scorching summer, it becomes crucial to extend a helping hand to our animal friends. Offering assistance need not involve direct contact; simple acts, such as providing a bowl of water in a shaded area, can be immensely beneficial.

Beyond water, another effective way to support animals is by introducing a spoonful of sugar into the garden. While it may seem unconventional, the positive impact is substantial. Here’s why you should consider this practice and how it contributes to the well-being of the wildlife in your surroundings.


The Importance of a Spoonful of Sugar

  1. Summer Survival for Bees:
    • During the sweltering summer months, bees face challenges due to high temperatures.
    • Placing a spoonful of sugar in your garden serves as a lifeline for bees, offering them a vital energy source to endure the heat.
    • Ensure the spoonful of sugar is positioned away from your home, preferably near a tree frequented by bees.
  2. Enhanced Bee Feeding:
    • Add a few drops of water to the sugar, allowing it to dissolve slightly.
    • This provides bees with a nourishing solution during exceptionally hot days, aiding their survival without posing a risk of them lingering in your garden.
  3. Butterfly Assistance:
    • Beyond bees, this sweet offering attracts butterflies, especially during challenging moments when they may require an energy boost.
    • The sugar serves as a quick source of strength, helping butterflies regain their vitality and take flight again.
a spoon of sugar

Fear Not the Bees:

  • Low Risk of Stings:
    • Bees are generally non-aggressive and only sting when threatened or provoked.
    • The likelihood of getting stung is minimal, so there’s no need to fear these essential pollinators.
  • Welcoming Shy Creatures:
    • In addition to bees and butterflies, your garden may attract other shy animals, creating a harmonious environment for various wildlife.
bees and butterflies

A Simple Act of Kindness:

Consider this simple yet impactful gesture as a way to assist the more vulnerable inhabitants of your garden. Sugar, a household staple, can be repurposed to make a positive impact without additional costs. Embrace this practice this summer and observe the delightful results it brings to the flourishing ecosystem in your own backyard.