Boost your tomato harvest naturally with this homemade fertilizer!

Increasing your tomato yield doesn’t require more stems; it’s all about providing the right nutrients. Try this natural foliar fertilizer to significantly enhance your tomato production this season!

During the flowering stage, tomato plants need abundant microelements like iodine and boron, crucial for both quality and quantity, while acting as a preventive measure against various plant diseases.


  • 9 liters of rainwater
  • 1 liter of milk
  • ½ teaspoon of boric acid, dissolved in a small amount of hot water
  • 10 drops of iodine

Preparation and Application:

  1. Boil the water and milk in a pot, then transfer the mixture to a sprayer.
  2. Dissolve the boric acid in a small amount of hot water (as it doesn’t dissolve well in cold water) and add it to the milky water.
  3. Incorporate the iodine and thoroughly mix the solution.

For optimal results, apply the spray early in the morning when the sun is not too intense. Avoid midday and hot days, as strong sunlight can potentially harm the plants. Focus on the upper half of the plant during spraying, where flowers and fresh shoots are located, as this is where the plant requires the most boron.

In general, it’s recommended to fertilize your tomatoes three times: at the beginning of shoot growth, during the flowering stage, and when the fruits start appearing. Boric acid promotes flowering, guards against plant diseases, and prevents flower drop. A boron deficiency can lead to yellowing of tomato roots, resulting in leaf loss and the eventual demise of the plant.

Iodine is equally crucial, stimulating flowering, enhancing nitrogen metabolism, and reducing the risk of root rot.