For your vegetable garden and garden, harness the power of two exceptional natural ingredients to create a fertilizer favored by industry professionals.

Egg shells and bananas
In a world where non-natural plant fertilizers laden with preservatives and chemicals are commonly used, experts in the field advocate for the use of natural alternatives. Nature provides everyday ingredients that offer a wealth of properties and benefits, particularly when combined. Two specific ingredients, when united, form a potent blend suitable for all types of plants.

What are the two ingredients to use as fertilizer?

The first ingredient is eggshells, a valuable source of calcium often overlooked. Rather than discarding them, dry the eggshells in the sun and grind them to create eggshell flour. This preparation can be used independently or in combination with another key ingredient.

Banana peels, often discarded, harbor a unique supply of essential minerals like potassium and magnesium crucial for plant nourishment and growth. Transform the peels into fertilizer by placing them directly in the soil in small pieces or by boiling them for approximately an hour to extract a nutrient-rich liquid.

eggshell fertilizer

Eggshells on one side, banana peels on the other—two ingredients and waste frequently consigned to the bin. Instead, preserve and intelligently combine them to create a powerful fertilizer for your vegetable garden and garden.

Banana fertilizer

To craft this natural plant nourishment, follow these steps:

  1. Dry the eggshells and blend them into a fine flour.
  2. Boil the banana peels, let them sit for an hour, and then macerate overnight.

This process yields two solutions—a liquid and a powder—that need to be combined. Place the eggshell flour in a container, filter the liquid from the banana peels, and add it to the container. Mix thoroughly until you achieve a unified solution.

To further enhance this mixture, incorporate coffee grounds—a natural ingredient often discarded as wet waste.

Fertilizer for plants

The resulting concoction, comprising these three ingredients, becomes a nutrient-rich substance replete with vitamins and mineral salts beneficial for all plants. Apply the solution directly to the soil and repeat the operation monthly for optimal results.