Growing Roses: A Simple and Affordable Method

With the advent of spring, the garden comes alive with the first rose buds, showcasing a variety of blooms. Among them, you might spot roses that stand out for their exceptional beauty. If you wish to select and cultivate these roses, creating additional flower beds or even a dedicated rose garden, we have a straightforward and cost-effective method to share.

As mentioned earlier, the optimal time for replanting roses is during spring, typically in May and early June. Roses, cherished by many for their beauty, are relatively easy to grow. With the method we’re about to unveil, you can save some money by avoiding the need to purchase new plants.

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All you need for this technique is a potato and some cinnamon powder. Curious about the process? It’s quite simple: insert the stem of the chosen rosebud into a potato, ensuring to protect the base with a dusting of cinnamon powder. This clever trick encourages robust growth in the reproduced rose.

Reproducing Roses: An Inexpensive Yet Effective Method!

  1. Selecting Rose Stems: Opt for rose stems that are as thick as a pencil. Choose a cutting with a straight stem, free of curvatures. To test if the cutting is ready, pull a thorn; if it cleanly comes away without affecting the stem, you’re ready for the next steps. Ensure it’s a young stem.
  2. Cutting the Stem: Trim approximately 20/22cm of a branch that meets the outlined requirements (new growth from an existing rose bush). Make a cut at a 45-degree angle to remove the stem.
  3. Applying Cinnamon: Dip the freshly cut stem into cinnamon. Cinnamon’s antibacterial properties protect the cutting from fungi and bacteria during the rooting process.
  4. Potato Planting: Cut the potato and create a hole to accommodate the rose stem. The potato serves as a source of moisture and nutrients, aiding the stem in rooting and growing.
  5. Planting Procedure: Proceed to plant the prepared stem after fertilizing the soil in the designated area around your home.

By following this uncomplicated yet effective method, you’ll soon witness the flourishing of your reproduced roses, adding charm to your garden without breaking the bank. Happy gardening!