Harnessing the Power of Orange Peels and Alcohol: A DIY Insecticide to Vanquish Unwanted Guests

Orange peels in alcohol

Discover an ingenious recipe that tackles the nuisance of insects effectively, using orange peels and alcohol. This easy-to-make and budget-friendly mixture will not only save you money but also provide a natural solution to combat household pests.

Orange Peels: Versatility Unleashed

Often, orange peels are discarded without realizing their potential for reuse. Apart from being perfect for making orange marmalade, they serve various purposes at home. Burning a small portion releases a delightful aroma, acting as a natural air freshener. Dried peels can be placed in drawers and wardrobes to keep clothes smelling fresh. However, their versatility extends even further, addressing a common issue in many households—unwanted insects.

Orange segments

The Common Household Pest Problem

In spring and summer, the presence of insects can become quite bothersome, prompting individuals to invest in expensive commercial solutions. Unveiling an incredible recipe, we present a homemade orange insecticide that is not only effective against mosquitoes but also cost-efficient.

Creating the Effective Orange Insecticide

To craft this potent orange insecticide, gather two orange peels and a few readily available ingredients from your pantry. Chop the peels and immerse them in approximately 100 milliliters of 70°C alcohol. Add 50 milliliters of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of detergent. Finally, pour in 200 milliliters of water. Mix the concoction thoroughly and let it rest in a covered container for about 2 hours.

Orange insecticide

Once the mixture is ready, transfer it to a spray bottle. Apply the liquid in areas prone to insects, particularly mosquitoes. Regular spraying, especially in summer and around windows and doors, proves effective against these persistent pests. Additionally, humid areas like bathrooms and kitchens are susceptible to insect invasions.

Orange peels in alcohol

We reveal a fabulous recipe , which will help you combat the presence of some unwanted guests. It is a really easy to prepare and economical mixture, which will save you a lot of money.

Orange peels, all uses at home

Very often, when we consume citrus fruits we tend to throw away the peels. There is nothing more wrong, because they can be easily reused. You should know, for example, that orange peels are perfect for making orange marmalade.

And then again they are excellent for perfuming the house and environments. All you need to do is light a small part of it and it will give off a scent into your home that you will hardly forget.

Orange segments

This homemade solution not only eradicates existing insects but also serves as a preventive measure. Apply the orange insecticide even in areas where insects aren’t currently visible. Embrace this effective and economical alternative, bidding farewell to the need for costly and potentially harmful commercial insecticides. With the orange insecticide, not only do you eliminate annoying insects, but you also contribute to a planet-friendly approach to pest control.

Orange insecticide