If you happen to be the proud owner of the Chlorophytum comosum, also known as the “spider plant” or “love bow,” consider yourself fortunate.

Spider plant

This unassuming plant holds remarkable value, making it akin to having a treasure tucked away in your home. Are you among the fortunate ones? Let’s delve into why this plant is deemed so precious.

Unlocking the Treasured Qualities of the Spider Plant

The Chlorophytum comosum, hailing from the Asparagaceae family and native to South Africa, is not just an ornamental delight; it is a resilient indoor plant that graces your living spaces with brightness and beauty. Its simplicity in care makes it a perfect gift, even for those without a green thumb. Remarkably, it can withstand low temperatures, even down to -2°C, making its survival quite resilient.

Phalanx plant

So, what transforms this seemingly common plant into a treasure for its owners? Let’s explore its distinctive features.

The Marvels of the Phalange

Ideal for adorning kitchens, windows, or bathrooms, this African native not only enhances your home aesthetically but also contributes numerous benefits to the environment. What makes it a treasure?

Firstly, the spider plant acts as a natural dehumidifier, absorbing excess humidity in your home. This feature is particularly significant, considering that high humidity can exacerbate health issues for individuals with asthma. Hence, owning this green gem can alleviate such concerns.

Furthermore, the spider plant has an exceptional ability to eliminate carbon monoxide and xylene, two hazardous pollutants. By purifying your home from these toxins, it ensures cleaner, healthier air. But the plant’s prowess extends beyond air purification.


Scientific studies highlight the therapeutic function of the spider plant, demonstrating its capacity to aid in the healing of injuries and scars. Rich in polysaccharides belonging to the hydrocolloid group, these compounds regulate and stabilize skin humidity, benefiting those with sensitive or dry skin.

Beyond its health benefits, the spider plant is a beauty to behold, featuring pointed and elongated leaves that can be intensely green or even white, depending on the species. Its compact size, never exceeding 75 cm in height, makes it a versatile addition to any space. In spring, the plant dazzles with small, fragrant, and delicate white flowers.

However, the spider plant’s most notable attribute lies in its role as a potent purifier. Scientific studies affirm its prowess as one of the primary purifying plants, capable of absorbing up to 95% of carbon monoxide present in the air. Additionally, it can effectively remove formaldehyde from walls and floors. As an intriguing side note, the leaves of this versatile plant can even be used for tea or infusions, showcasing its multifaceted properties.

In conclusion, if you possess this remarkable plant with its extraordinary and almost miraculous qualities, you indeed have a treasure gracing your home—a treasure worth caring for and cherishing.

Spider Plant