Unlock the Infinite Charm of Geraniums: A Cost-Free Propagation Trick

During the summer, geranium plants adorn numerous balconies and courtyards, infusing vibrant colors that unmistakably signal the arrival of the season. While appreciated for their aesthetic appeal, not everyone is aware of the remarkable properties of this plant and its flowers, which extend beyond beauty to offer various health benefits.

Geraniums, in fact, boast several health advantages, including:

  • Managing anxiety and stress
  • Combating fluid retention
  • Alleviating muscle pain and circulatory issues
  • Exerting a potent healing action
  • Effectively addressing eczema and stretch marks
  • Serving as an emollient and decongestant against sunburn
  • Aiding in the battle against acne

If you’re keen on surrounding yourself with this fantastic plant, there’s a nifty twig trick that allows you to multiply geraniums infinitely at zero cost. Here’s how:

Materials Needed:

  • A mature geranium
  • Small plastic pots
  • Sand
  • Knife or scissors
  • Seedbed substrate
  • Rooting hormone (optional)

Start by selecting the twigs that will give life to the new geranium plants. Opt for robust and healthy twigs, cutting the chosen branch just below the second armpit. Carefully remove all leaves from the lower half of the cut and cut the stem below the first node.

This meticulous cutting is crucial as the geranium’s rooting hormones concentrate in this region. Optionally, you can enhance the process by adding rooting powder to the base of the cutting before planting, encouraging the formation of a robust rooting system.

The choice of soil for planting is equally vital. Prepare a mixture of seedling substrate with sand. Fill the pot with the mixture and insert two or three cuttings. Water generously and place the pot in a well-lit area. Avoid covering the cuttings with plastic to prevent the formation of mold.

After a few weeks, you’ll witness the emergence of the first roots. In about 6-8 weeks, a robust rooting system will develop, allowing you to transplant the cuttings into another pot with regular soil.

Embrace the beauty of geraniums in abundance through this simple and cost-effective propagation technique. Happy gardening!