Revolutionary Plant Care: The Nail and Thread DIY Irrigation System

Nails in the vase

Embarking on a vacation often leaves us contemplating the well-being of our plants in our absence. The challenge of ensuring regular watering during prolonged periods away can be daunting. In response to this dilemma, an unconventional yet remarkably effective method has emerged—a do-it-yourself irrigation system involving the strategic use of a nail in plants.

Hydration Hack: Leaving a Nail in Plants

Crafting this ingenious system requires a nail, preferably at least 10 cm in length, and a meter and a half of water-absorbent natural thread, such as wool, cotton, or hemp. Additionally, secure a bottle, with a larger one offering increased water release capacity and prolonged effectiveness.

Nail in plants

Assembling the System

Initiate the assembly by taking the nail and the thread, leaving one end of the wire approximately 10 cm above the nail’s head. Proceed to encircle the entire nail with the thread, leaving only 1-2 cm of free wire at the tip. After the complete wrapping, secure the thread with a knot. Two ends will now exist—one of 10 cm to extend above the nail’s head and the other longer.

Fasten a counterweight, such as a longer nail or bolt, firmly to the longer wire. Immerse the entire system in water for a few minutes. The thread will absorb water, becoming thoroughly soaked.

A Self-Made Irrigation System

Upon removal from the water, grab the bottle. Fill it and insert the counterweighted wire inside. Ensure the nail penetrates the ground within the plant’s pot. Through the principle of capillarity, water will be distributed to the plant’s roots.

The principle relies on water’s ability to rise in small tubes, mimicking the blood vessels of plants. Cohesion and adhesion forces enable water to move against gravity, facilitating capillary transport for plant irrigation.

Watering plants

Constant and Appropriate Watering

This homemade irrigation system gradually releases water to the plant roots, maintaining hydration over time. The absorbent wire acts as a transport channel, delivering water drop by drop as the soil dries out. This ensures constant and appropriate watering for the plants.

Saving Holidays with a Nail in Plants

This cost-effective and environmentally friendly DIY irrigation method serves as a lifeline for those who want to travel without fretting over their cherished plants. However, it’s crucial to consider the specific watering needs of the plants you intend to irrigate using this method. Conduct tests and closely monitor the plants during your absence to ensure their well-being.

If you seek a practical, creative, and economical solution for watering plants during your holidays, this nail and thread DIY irrigation system might be just what you need.