Orchid Care Secrets for Summer Bloom

Orchids, with their enchanting and elegant inflorescences, rank among the most beloved plants globally. Nature boasts a multitude of orchid varieties, and among the easily cultivated ones, the Phalaenopsis Orchid takes the lead. Yet, there are two other noteworthy varieties—the Cymbidium, acclaimed for its velvet-like flowers, and the Paphiopedilum, associated with the Goddess Aphrodite.

These symbols of refinement, elegance, and love can thrive indoors and outdoors with minimal effort. Regular watering and selecting suitable pots—sometimes different from conventional glass or plastic ones—are key to their well-being.

Summer Orchid Care: Nurturing Blooms in the Heat

As temperatures soar during the hottest months, caring for orchids becomes crucial. Harnessing three expert tricks from seasoned nurserymen can ensure optimal care and hydration, fostering rapid blooming with minimal reliance on fertilizers. Orchids, like many plants, can suffer from the impact of rising temperatures and intense heat, necessitating protective measures to prevent their demise.

1. Hydration Ritual: Immersion in Water

Begin by immersing the orchid, along with its pot, in a basin filled with water. Allow it to soak for approximately 15 minutes before gently removing it. This method facilitates the plant’s absorption of the necessary water. For extended trips or vacations during the summer, consider letting the orchid soak for about an hour to ensure sustained hydration.

2. Orchid Hydration Tips for Summer

During the summer, orchids thrive in environments with elevated humidity levels. However, it’s imperative to prevent over-saturation of the roots. To strike a balance, incorporate expanded clay into the soil. This addition maintains a consistently moist habitat without posing harm to the delicate roots. Weekly watering is generally sufficient, but during periods of intense heat and sultriness, consider increasing the frequency to twice a week. Use water at room temperature to avoid subjecting the orchids to a potentially damaging thermal shock.

3. Eggshell Elixir: A Nutrient Boost

Harnessing the marvel of eggshells can significantly enhance orchid health. Boil a liter of water and add finely ground eggshells to the boiling water. After turning off the heat, let the eggshells steep overnight. Filter the water the next day and pour it into a container. Administer this nutrient-rich solution to the soil weekly, providing the orchid with a beneficial dose of calcium, potassium, and protein.

By following these summer care tips, you can ensure that your orchids not only survive the heat but also thrive, gracing your space with their exquisite blooms.